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Building and Construction Authority

3 Apr 2019 to 5 Apr 2019

Modelled after International Facility Management Association (IFMA)s flagship World Workplace Conference hosted in United States annually, the World Workplace Asia (WWPA) conference provides a platform for exchanges on pertinent issues and complexities of facility management, in the Asian context. More than 600 delegates, represented by facilities management, property management and real estate professionals, building owners, public sector officials and other decision-makers locally and worldwide, attended the inaugural run of the WWPA conference held in Singapore in 2012, and the subsequent run in 2015.Presented by Building and Construction Authority (BCA), IFMA and the Singapore Chapter of IFMA, the WWPA conference 2019 will be focusing on the theme Building the Future of Facility Management through Digital Innovation. This years conference focuses on technology and innovation, with the attention on digitalisation. The presentations will encompass topics covering pertinent issues in smart facility management, operation & maintenance and real estate.

This course is design to assist engineer to prepare for Practical Professional Exam in Civil Engineering. The syllabus of the exam is very wide; many engineers do not know how to prepare for the exam. This course uses systemic approach to cover major topics.

Building and Construction Authority

8 Apr 2019 to 10 Apr 2019

This course intends to train veteran builders who would like to be registered as the Approved Persons as stipulated in the Building Control (Licensing of Builders) Regulations 2008. This course aims to provide essential knowledge training in the statutory requirements for construction safety and quality; environmental sustainability, workplace safety & health as well as in risk management.

Building and Construction Authority

11 Apr 2019 to 12 Apr 2019

In recent years, data analytics has gained significant momentum and buy-in from leadership in organisations across sectors and functions. However, many organisations continue to find it challenging to get data analytics off the ground and on the right track due to a combination of technical, cultural and capabilities factors. One of the key factors is the lack of analytics skills among the employees. While organisations may hire specialists to jump start its analytics journey or work in specific analytics projects, the potential of data analytics can only be sustained if the organisation is able to build data analytics capabilities and culture throughout the organisation. This bespoke workshop aims to address such capability gaps in the built environment sector, especially among professionals and managers in non-analyst roles who wish to work with and make sense of data and analysis of their daily work.