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Singapore University of Social Sciences

28 Sep 2015 to 22 Oct 2015

In the coming segment of the SPM-UniSIM Professional Talk Series Design for Safety Implications for the Construction Industry, we bring our focus to the recently gazetted Design-for-Safety regulations that now place duties on developers and designers to identify and address foreseeable risks throughout the lifecycle of a construction project. We are privileged to have two workplace safety and health experts, Ms Charlene Liew, Senior Manager (Legislations) of the Ministry of Manpower Singapore, and Er Ng Lee Chian, PE (Civil) and a practicing DfS Professional, to give colleagues an insight on this new regulation, its impact on the construction industry and the challenges of putting this initiative into practice.

Singapore University of Social Sciences

28 Jul 2016 to 28 Jul 2016

Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction or PPVC has been touted as the way to go for the construction industry amidst tighter control on foreign labour. While these technologies can reduce the dependence on labour, the take-up among the local industry stakeholders has not been high. In this seminar, 5 speakers from the public and private sectors who are at the forefront of championing the adoption of PPVC, share their views and perspectives on leveraging these game-changing technologies in helping their organisations achieve greater productivity.

Singapore University of Social Sciences

23 May 2017 to 7 Jun 2017

Launch of the Accreditation for Project Managers (APM). We hope to propel Project Management Practice in the Building and Construction Industry in Singapore to a higher standard of expertise and proficiency to meet increasing demands of value enhancement and sustainability in project delivery with all its complexities and challenges. This inauguration has been under moot for a while and a culmination of many months of consultation with recognised Project Management practitioners and learned bodies in designing the scheme.The Guest-of-Honour is Mayor NWCDC, Dr Teo Ho Pin, who has honoured us to officially launch the APM. Do join us for this historic and auspicious event and be part of the fraternity of Project Managers seeking accreditation.We have assembled a panel of distinguished speakers from industry to highlight the Project Management profession from the perspectives of the private, the public, and the community sectors in Singapore. The Why and the How to together with the procedure for accreditation will be elucidated. The details are indicated in the form attached herewith.

Singapore University of Social Sciences

17 Aug 2017 to 17 Aug 2017

The new SIA Building Contracts 2016 were put into use recently by the Singapore Institute of Architects. SPM is pleased to have 2 prominent legal professionals, who were involved in the drafting of these new SIA contracts, to share on the key changes made to the contracts. Participants can look forward to learn about the significance of the changes and new provisions, their potential impact and areas that contract administrators need to watch out for.Specifically, Mr. Christopher Chuah of Wong Partnership LLP will discuss aspects of SIA (1) Building Contract 2016 - Without Quantities, (2) Sub Contract 2016 and (3) Building Contract 2016 - Design & Build with Employer's Design 2016, while Mr. Anil Changaroth of Changaroth Chambers LLC will consider the SIA (1) Building Contracts - Without Quantities (International) and (2) Sub Contracts 2016 (International) including how it operates as opposed to the new local contract, the 9th edition and a couple of the common international contracts.

Singapore University of Social Sciences

9 Nov 2017 to 9 Nov 2017

Dear SPM members and partners in the construction professions, building and infrastructural projects are getting larger and more complex. Complexity is not just due to scale, there are higher levels of technical challenges, more technological innovations, more varied stakeholder requirements and expectations, and project operating environment has become more demanding. Higher levels of project management skills are expected. How do project managers, as leaders of project teams, meet these challenges? The Society of Project Managers welcomes you to join our one-day Project Management Conference on 9 November 2017 on the theme Project Management at the Cutting Edge. Come join us! Our six esteemed speakers will share their experiences in projects like the Changi Airport Terminal 4 and Jurong Rock Caverns, and on the developments in project management on the international front. The GAPPS PM Standards, which is adopted for the Accreditation Scheme of SPM, will also be touched on. Register now and see you at the conference!