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Institution of Engineers, Singapore

9 Nov 2018 to 9 Nov 2018

The Workplace Safety and Health (Design for Safety) Regulations 2015 came into operation on 1st August 2016. Besides the employment of a Design for Safety Professional, other personnel such as architects, engineers, designers involve in various engineering professions in the project are also required to eliminate or mitigate all foreseeable design risks to as low as reasonably practicable to any person affected by the project under the Regulations.

The objectives of the technical talk is to provide the knowledge and awareness on the fundamentals and first principles associated with functional safety and hazardous area classification.Two distinguished industry experts will deliver the talk through the interactive sessions. Process engineers, process designers, process safety engineers, electrical engineers and instrumentation engineers would benefit by attending this talk.

Institution of Engineers, Singapore

12 Nov 2018 to 12 Nov 2018

This course aims to highlight the key environmental concerns relating to air and water pollution from construction sites. The scope of the course will cover sources and activities on worksites that generate pollution, as well as the impact of this pollution on our environment. Regulations, management and control measures to address these pollution concerns will also be discussed.

Building and Construction Authority

13 Nov 2018 to 13 Nov 2018

In this years WSH Conference, jointly organised by BCA Academy and IOSH (Singapore), WSH experts and practitioners from Singapore and overseas will share on several topics. There will be two Keynote Speakers; Mr Sebastian Tan, Director, Occupational Safety and Health Inspectorate, Ministry of Manpower, as well as Dr. Vincent Ho, IOSH President and Head of Corporate Safety, MTR Corporation (Hong Kong).

Building and Construction Authority

16 Nov 2018 to 16 Nov 2018

Computational BIM or rule-based approach refers to innovative problem-solving processes in which users define algorithms and workflows to automate tasks, optimise outputs and manage changes across different project phases. It allows users to explore more options leading to desired solution for productivity gain. Computational BIM also forms an important part of Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD). Increasingly, local and international project teams are adopting it to optimise their project delivery.

Building and Construction Authority

19 Nov 2018 to 21 Nov 2018

Up-to-date knowledge of local regulations and construction practices are key to the site supervisors especially the Resident Engineers (RE) and Resident Technical Officers (RTO) to deliver their duties diligently and effectively.This course will provide site supervisors essential knowledge in the areas of regulatory requirements, safety regulations, environmental management at construction sites, code requirements on construction practices and site supervision. This course is also useful to engineers with foreign qualifications, and others who wish to be updated on local construction practices.

Building and Construction Authority

19 Nov 2018 to 26 Nov 2018

Precast concrete technology had been identified as one of the key areas of focus to improve productivity in the construction industry. It has been observed that there is more room for a greater adoption of this technology in Singapore. Good site management practices and planning of precast concrete construction activities such as on-site/off-site casting of precast members, transportation of the members to site, erection and construction considerations would contribute to more efficient, less labour intensive and faster construction. This would eventually lead to better construction productivity. This workshop provides construction managers with practical knowledge in the planning, execution and control of precast concrete construction. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to plan and manage precast concrete construction site activities effectively.

Institution of Engineers, Singapore

20 Nov 2018 to 20 Nov 2018

This one-day course covers the detailed design of reinforced concrete structural elements to Eurocode 2 (EC2). The emphasis is on buildings that are constructed insitu, braced by structural walls and are non-sway.

Building and Construction Authority

21 Nov 2018 to 23 Nov 2018

Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS) is a voluntary scheme developed by BCA in conjunction with the major public sector agencies and various industry professional bodies to measure quality level achieved in a completed project. As part of the requirements for the Certified QM/CONQUAS Manager schemes which accord recognition to construction personnel who are instrumental in ensuring and delivering high quality projects as reflected in high CONQUAS score projects, the Certified QM/CONQUAS Managers course provides necessary knowledge to enable the participants to effectively implement Quality Management System (QMS) and achieve better Quality Mark (QM)/CONQUAS score.

Building and Construction Authority

21 Nov 2018 to 22 Nov 2018

Accredited by the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) | Workplace Safety and Health (Risk Management) Regulations require stakeholders such as employers, self-employed persons and principals to have the responsibility of identifying safety and health hazards at the workplace and taking appropriate actions to eliminate the hazards or mitigate the risks associated with the hazards. Risk assessment and management is the key to reduce the risks at source.Participant who attends this course will have an in-depth understanding and knowledge on the concepts and methodologies of risk assessment and management. This course will also provide hands-on experience in the risk assessment for construction activities and development of risk management implementation plan.