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Building and Construction Authority

1 Aug 2024 to 2 Aug 2024

Given the dynamic nature of the construction industry, technological advances, regulatory changes and the evolving workforce, the construction industry will also have to manage the shift and nature of the jobs.HR professionals and employers will need to constantly consider their human capital practices and plan strategically to meet shifting demands in the construction industry. With this in mind, SCAL, together with IHRP, had recently launched the HR guidebook for the construction sector. The Masterclass seeks to provide guidance on the use of the guidebook on critical areas of human capital practices and development

Institution of Engineers, Singapore

1 Aug 2024 to 2 Aug 2024

This Competency Requirement document specifies the performance criteria, underpinning knowledge, range and context for the design, training and assessment of the Design for Safety Professionals (DfSP) Course. Learners of this course will gain the knowledge and skills for fulfilling the roles of the construction in accordance with the guideline on Design for Safety and Health in Buildings and Structures.

Institution of Engineers, Singapore

15 Aug 2024 to 15 Aug 2024

Design risk can be managed effectively by identifying the hazard and controlling the risk through Design for Safety (DfS) reviews during project development.Designing for safety should start at the early stage of a project whereby key stakeholders will review the design progressively to identify hazards on the building layout, materials used and construction methods etc. so as to enhance the safety of the project for construction as well as operation and maintenance.

Association of Consulting Engineers, Singapore

27 Aug 2024 to 29 Aug 2024

Course ObjectiveEurocode 1997 has been implemented for structural plans submission in compliance of Building Regulations since 2013. With the BSI publication in 2023 of the new head Eurocode 1990, now titled Basis of Structural and Geotechnical Design, the publication of the three parts of the next generation Eurocode 7 on Geotechnical Design is imminent, likely to be completed by early 2025.This course will provide participants an understanding and what to expect in the next generation of Eurocode 7 on Geotechnical Design, covering enhanced concept of safety, major changes and features in dealing with current geotechnical design and geotechnical structures.Course A: Understanding Eurocode 7 Geotechnical Design from First to Next GenerationCourse B: Next Generation Eurocode 7 Geotechnical Design on Piled FoundationsCourse C: Next Generation Eurocode 7 on Numerical Methods