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Building and Construction Authority

16 Jan 2017 to 18 Jan 2017

This course intends to train veteran builders who would like to be registered as the Approved Persons as stipulated in the Building Control (Licensing of Builders) Regulations 2008. This course aims to provide essential knowledge training in the statutory requirements for construction safety and quality; environmental sustainability, workplace safety & health as well as in risk management.

Building and Construction Authority

18 Jan 2017 to 20 Jan 2017

Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS) is a voluntary scheme developed by BCA in conjunction with the major public sector agencies and various industry professional bodies to measure quality level achieved in a completed project. As part of the requirements for the Certified QM/CONQUAS Manager schemes which accord recognition to construction personnel who are instrumental in ensuring and delivering high quality projects as reflected in high CONQUAS score projects, the Certified QM/CONQUAS Managers course provides necessary knowledge to enable the participants to effectively implement Quality Management System (QMS) and achieve better Quality Mark (QM)/CONQUAS score.

Building and Construction Authority

16 Feb 2017 to 16 Feb 2017

Granite, Marble and Ceramic tilling are common finishes in building work. The Good Industry Practices Marble and Granite Finishes and Good Industry Practices Ceramic Tiling were developed to share with the industry good work practices adopted by practitioners and contractors who have consistently delivered high quality work, providing simple and practical tips to assist designers in selecting tiles and contractors in achieving high quality workmanship.This course highlights the good practices as introduced in the two guidebooks.

Association of Consulting Engineers, Singapore

18 Feb 2017 to 18 Feb 2017

This course is organised to prepare civil, structural and geotechnical engineering practitioners, ground investigation and testing laboratories, builders and supervisory personnel for the understanding and adoption of the Eurocode 7 in Singapore.

Building and Construction Authority

20 Feb 2017 to 21 Feb 2017

The Singapore Standard CP5:1998 Code of Practice for Electrical Installations applies to the design, selection, erection, testing and inspection of electrical installations. It covers all general commercial and industrial electrical installations operating at voltage up to 1000 Volts. The 2-day course aims to provide participants with an understanding of the design and installation guidelines for electrical installations complying with CP5: Code of Practice for Electrical Installations.

Building and Construction Authority

21 Feb 2017 to 2 Mar 2017

This course will provide practicing engineers a good insight into the importance of geotechnical site investigation and its processes. Participants will also learn to interpret soil investigation reports to ensure safety of geotechnical works and surrounding structures.

Building and Construction Authority

6 Mar 2017 to 13 Mar 2017

In the construction industry, it is known that application for extension of time and claims for prolongation cost can be a contentious issue in the industry. Though standard conditions of contract like SIA and PSSCOC have provisions for extension of time, there are issues pertaining to the proper procedures for application of EOT, claims for loss and expenses or prolongation cost and documentation for evidence of delays and justifications that need to be addressed.This course is designed and structured to provide insights and depth into the factors that will affect the success of EOT application and the recovery of prolongation cost.

The Internal Audit (QEHS) course (based on requirements on Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System) aims to equip Internal Auditors with the knowledge and skill required to assess, monitor and measure the performance of an organisations integrated QEHS Management system. As the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 have recently undergone a major review, the course includes the latest updates of the new editions and highlights the necessary revisions to ensure smooth transition from the current version.

Building and Construction Authority

7 Mar 2017 to 7 Mar 2017

Water seepage through external walls, mostly occurred by ingress of rainwater, was found to be a common defect faced by homeowners. To enhance water-tightness performance of external walls, it is important to look at the use of suitable materials, adequate wall thickness, design of proper construction details and surface rendering and finishes.This course complements the Good Industry Practices Waterproofing for External Wall and highlight the good practices introduced in the guidebook.

Building and Construction Authority

8 Mar 2017 to 8 Mar 2017

The FIDIC (Fdration Internationale des Ingnieurs-Conseils) publishes a suite of standard forms of contract which are generally recommended for international construction projects.Under the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction for use in traditional build-only project delivery, the Employer appoints an Engineer to carry out the duties under the contract with the assistance of suitably qualified engineers and other professionals in strict compliance with an administrative protocol.