CORENET e-Submission System e-Guide

To process in using the Electronic User Guide, your computer must be running with the following platform:

Minimum End-User Operating System Requirement
  1. Pentium III Processor or equivalent
  2. Mac OS 9.x
  3. 128MB RAM
  4. Windows 98 second edition
  5. 1024 X 768 monitor resolution
Internet Access
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x
  • Netscape 4.7
  • Mozilla 1.2
  • Firefox 1.0
  • Opera 7.11

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AVI Manual / Electronic User Guide



To download the CORENET e-Submiission System Electronic User Guide, please click here to refer to the AVI Manual Guide.


Chapter 1: Register as a CORENET e-Submission System User 2.59 MB   02min:31secs Steps to register as a CORENET e-Submission System user
Chapter 2: Download Relevant Software 3.21 MB 02min:10secs  Steps to download relevant software to perform e-Submission
ESPRO Overview 1.19 MB  ESPRO functions description.
(After download, mouse over each function to view its desciption)
Chapter 1: Synchronise Form Templates 3.7 MB 02min:03secs  Steps to synchronise form templates
Chapter 2: Register Project 16.6 MB  11min:38secs  Steps to register a project
Chapter 3: Register Ancillary Project 34 MB  09min:43secs  Steps to register an ancillary project
Chapter 4: Utilise Contact List 3.85 MB  03min:59secs  Steps to utilise contact list
Chapter 5: Download & Complete Form 5.75 MB  03min:19secs  Steps to download and complete an electronic form
Chapter 6: Attach File(s) for Submission 1.7 MB  01min:10secs  Steps to attach file(s) for submission
Chapter 7: Perform Digital Signature 2.01 MB  01min:41secs  Steps to perform digital signature on file(s)
Chapter 8: Select Submission Recipient(s) 1.42 MB  00min:38secs   Steps to select submission recipient(s)
Chapter 9: Send Submission (ES) 4.11 MB  04min:10secs   Steps to send submission
Chapter 10: Send Correspondence (CR) 3.48 MB  03min:19secs   Steps to send correspondence
Chapter 11: Export Project 2.18 MB  01min:22secs   Steps to export project
Chapter 12: Import Project 1.49 MB  01min:08secs   Steps to import project
Chapter 13: Add Existing Project 2.56 MB  01min:13secs   Steps to add existing project
Chapter 14: Retrieve Updated Project / Member Information 2.82 MB   01min:39secs  Steps to retrieve updated project/member information from CORENET server
Website Overview  1.08 MB  -  CORENET e-Submission website menu description.
(After download, mouse over each function to view its desciption)
Chapter 1: Collect Agency Correspondence (CA) 5.02 MB 04min:35secs Steps to collect agency correspondence
Chapter 2: Collect Multiple Files Download Package 5.07 MB 04min:11secs Steps to collect multiple file download package 
Chapter 3: Search & View Project Profile 4 MB 02min:33secs Steps to search and view project profile
Chapter 4: Download Project Profile 4.19 MB 03min:19secs Steps to download project profile
Chapter 5: Update Project Profile 5.78 MB 04min:45secs Steps to update project profile
Chapter 6: Request Project Withdrawal (WP)  5.91 MB  04min:38secs Steps to request for project withdrawal
Chapter 7: Register Manual Project 10 MB 01min:04secs Steps to register manual project
Chapter 8: Update Pending Manual Project Profile 4.10 MB 02min:24secs Steps to update pending manual project profile
Chapter 9: Remove Pending Manual Project 3.78 MB 02min:08secs Steps to remove pending manual project
Project Member      
Chapter 10: Add Member (For Coordinator’s Use) 5.97 MB 05min:18secs Steps to add member
(For project coordinator's use)
Chapter 11: Update Member Profile (For Coordinator’s Use) 4.78 MB 03min:39secs Steps to update member's profile 
(For project coordinator's use)
Chapter 12: Remove/Reappoint Member (For Coordinator’s Use) 4.4 MB 05min:38secs Steps to remove/reappoint member 
(For project coordinator's use)
Chapter 13: Request to Add Member 7.06 MB 06min:10secs Steps to request for adding member
(For non-project coordinator's use)
Chapter 14: Request to Update Member 5.38 MB 03min:55secs Steps to request for updating member's profile
(For non-project coordinator's use)
Chapter 15: Request to Remove/Reappoint Member/Coordinator 6.06 MB 05min:31secs Steps to request for removing/reappointing member/coordinator
(For non-project coordinator's use)
Chapter 16: Request to Take Over as Coordinator 6.2 MB 05min:54secs Steps to request for taking over as coordinator
(For incoming project coordinator's use)
Chapter 17: Search & View Submission (ES) 4.87 MB 03min:08secs Steps to search and view submission profile
Chapter 18: Search & View Correspondence (CR /CA) 5.68 MB 03min:16secs Steps to search and view correspondence profile
Chapter 19: Request ESPro Submission Withdrawal (WS) 5.82 MB 04min:18secs Steps to request for ESPro submission withdrawal
Chapter 20: Submit Online Submission (ES) 5.96 MB 04min:42secs Steps to submit online submission
Chapter 21: Submit Online Correspondence (CR) 5.73 MB 04min:36secs Steps to submit online correspondence
Chapter 22: Download Application Form 5.07 MB 03min:13secs Steps to download online application form
Chapter 23: Download Individual File 3.94 MB 02min:46secs Steps to download individual submission file
Chapter 24: Download Multiple Files 4.22 MB 03min:26secs Steps to multiple files
Chapter 25: Grant Document Access 4.47 MB 03min:02secs Steps to grant document access
Chapter 26: View & Print Acknowledgement Slip 3.01 MB 02min:19secs Steps to view and print acknowledgement slip
Chapter 27: Submit Feedback 3.79 MB 02min:16secs Steps to submit feedback
Chapter 28: Search Feedback 3.75 MB 02min:15secs Steps to search feedback
My Profile      
Chapter 29: Update User Profile 3.69 MB 02min:14secs Steps to update profile
Chapter 30: Change Password 3.61 MB 02min:29secs Steps to change password