Netrust Digital Signer e-Guide

Minimum System Requirement

To process in using the Electronic User Guide, your computer must be running with the following platform:


Minimum End-User Operating System Requirement
  1. Pentium II Processor or equivalent
  2. Mac OS 9.x
  3. 64MB RAM
  4. 120MB available disk space
  5. Windows 98 second edition
  6. Colour Monitor with 16-bit colour
  7. 1024 X 768 monitor resolution
Internet Access
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x
  • Netscape 4.7
  • Mozilla 1.2
  • Firefox 1.0
  • Opera 7.11

Adobe Reader

To download Adobe Reader, click here


AVI Manual / Electronic User Guide

To download the Electronic User Guide (AVI), please refer to the AVI Manual Guide below:


AVI Manual Guide 0.48 MB This document guide you how to use the Netrust Digital Signer Electronic User Guide (AVI)
Chapter 1: Sign File(s) 1.86 MB Procedures in performing digital signature on documents
Chapter 2: Extract Signed File(s) 1.83 MB Procedures in performing documents extraction from signed file
Chapter 3: Verify Signed File 2.05 MB Procedures in performing digital signature verification of signed file
Chapter 4: View Signed File 1.69 MB Procedures in viewing of signed file
Chapter 5: Remove Files in Work Area 1.53 MB Procedures in removing files listed in the Work Area
Chapter 6: Clear Files 1.63 MB Procedures in clearing of files listed in the Work Area, Signed/Extracted File Details and Signer(s) Information Area
Chapter 7: Preferences Setting for Signing / Extraction Option 1.69 MB Procedures in setting Netrust Digital Signer preferences
Chapter 8: Change Token Password 1.65 MB Procedures in changing the password of your token

For technical support, please send us an email.