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Building and Construction Authority

21 Sep 2015 to 21 Sep 2015

This Symposium aims to encourage the adoption of Collaborative BIM to make the quantum leap. Invited speakers with actual experience in implementing Collaborative BIM methodology will share their success factors reaped, challenges and pitfalls that they encountered. It is a full-day conference with exhibition where BIM vendors and solution providers will demonstrate their latest capabilities on how to leverage BIM to realize our built environment more appropriately and efficiently, improving construction quality and efficiencies. Therefore, no generic talk about how good BIM is but focus on real benefits that can be realized so that the audience can learn and gain it immediately.

The Civil Defence (CD) Shelter Programme is part of the governments plan to build up our CD preparedness. The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) have been working closely together to continuously review the technical requirements of the CD shelters. This half-day seminar will provide the industry with the latest update on such requirements and to share knowledge on the design, construction and commissioning of Household Shelters (HS) and Storey Shelters (SS).

Singapore University of Social Sciences

28 Sep 2015 to 22 Oct 2015

In the coming segment of the SPM-UniSIM Professional Talk Series Design for Safety Implications for the Construction Industry, we bring our focus to the recently gazetted Design-for-Safety regulations that now place duties on developers and designers to identify and address foreseeable risks throughout the lifecycle of a construction project. We are privileged to have two workplace safety and health experts, Ms Charlene Liew, Senior Manager (Legislations) of the Ministry of Manpower Singapore, and Er Ng Lee Chian, PE (Civil) and a practicing DfS Professional, to give colleagues an insight on this new regulation, its impact on the construction industry and the challenges of putting this initiative into practice.

This seminar aims to raise the safety standards of the industry so as to shape a safe built environment for Singapore. Experienced speakers from regulatory agencies including BCA, MOM and NEA will share on the new and upcoming changes to the regulations. To ease the adoption of the Eurocodes among Qualified Persons, tips on designing to the Eurocodes will be shared.Speakers will also cover the special precautions to be taken for projects located in densely built up areas in Singapore and the proper construction works to be carried out to eliminate any potential danger and damage. Sharing on the statutory requirements of the proposed regulations on Design for Safety (DfS) will be included in this seminar.

Building and Construction Authority

12 Oct 2015 to 15 Oct 2015

buildingSMART Singapore (bSS)is hosting the buildingSMART International Standards Summit. This Summit is a special opportunity to meet with world leaders in the development and delivery of open sharable data. We expect all the buildingSMART Chapters from around the world to be represented, providing an opportunity for experts to share knowledge for further enhancement of buildingSMARTs openBIM processes and standards.There will be plenary sessions giving information about the most recent standards, processes, tools and projects, as well as working sessions dealing with key themes related to BIM/GIS/INFRA, etc. This summit is being coordinated with ISO TC59 SC13 and SPRING Singapore.

The Construction sectors WSH performance has shown improvement since the introduction of Implementing WSH 2018 for the Construction Industry Sector in Singapore in 2010. The fatality rate has dropped from 8.1 per 100,000 workers in 2009 to 5.5 per 100,000 workers in 2014. However, to make a lasting and long-term change, we need to create a mind-set of prevention throughout the entire Construction ecosystem. WSH Council launched the Vision Zero movement at the National WSH Campaign 2015 with the message, I can prevent all injuries and be healthy at work. Embracing the Vision Zero movement, this BCAA-IOSH Singapore Branchs WSH annual Conference will present topics with emphasis to construction industry which are presented by renowned overseas and local speakers.

Building and Construction Authority

3 Nov 2015 to 3 Nov 2015

Join us at the 4th annual workshop as Autodesk continues to help accelerate BIM adoption in Singapore. Aligning with global trends and helping BIM professionals advance their BIM knowledge, we have included Smart Cities as a topic in this year's workshop. Find out more at http://www.autodeskevent.com/2015bimworkshop/index.html.

Building and Construction Authority

6 Nov 2015 to 30 Dec 2015

The BCA Design and Engineering Safety Excellence Award was launched in May 2008 to give recognition to the Qualified Person for Structural Works [QP(ST)], QP(ST)s firm and the project team for ingenious design processes and solutions in overcoming project challenges to ensure safety in design, construction and maintenance of building and civil engineering projects locally and overseas.

National University of Singapore

27 Nov 2015 to 27 Nov 2015

This seminar presents the theoretical background with practical considerations of the direct analysis method of design with examples given on its concept and practical application to complex structures beyond the applicability of the effective length method when the buckling load factor is less than 10 or 5. Experience in using the method for practical design of structures will also be shared

Building and Construction Authority

2 Dec 2015 to 2 Dec 2015

Since the launch of the BCA Green Mark Scheme in Jan 2005, several revisions were made to the Green Mark criteria. To ensure that the industry practitioners remains relevant and up-to-date, this half-day Green Mark Refresher Course is launched to keep industry practitioners abreast with the latest development and update of the Green Mark scheme and related initiatives.