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Institution of Engineers, Singapore

16 Apr 2018 to 16 Apr 2018

This one-day course covers the detailed design of reinforced concrete structural elements to Eurocode 2 (EC2). The emphasis is on buildings that are constructed insitu, braced by structural walls and are non-sway.

Institution of Engineers, Singapore

18 Apr 2018 to 25 Apr 2018

As the Singapore Government pushes for higher productivity in various sectors, more and more cranes will be deployed at various work places. Use of cranes at site involves many people from various organisations, such as the crane manufacturer, site occupier, crane contractor, and various sub-contractors that use the cranes. According to the latest Singapore Standard on Safe Use of Tower Cranes SS 559:2010, it is crucial that one person be appointed to have overall control of the cranes. This appointed person shall be notified formally in writing of their appointment. This course is aimed at anyone who is required to plan safe systems of work, using lifting equipment and intends to take up this position as an appointed person. It is recommended that prior to attending this course, individuals should have some experience of working with lifting equipment, especially mobile cranes and tower cranes.

Institution of Engineers, Singapore

26 Apr 2018 to 14 Aug 2018

The Young Engineers Leadership Programme carries the theme of "Empower the Next Generation of Leaders" and features a stellar line-up of renowned engineers, C-suite leaders and entrepreneurs from locally and internationally grown organisations. The programme seeks to equip young engineers with the right set of skills to succeed in the workplace and allows them to expand their network by connecting with fellow engineers, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Institution of Engineers, Singapore

27 Apr 2018 to 27 Apr 2018

The full day seminar will cover a few of the projects in Singapore.

Institution of Engineers, Singapore

30 Apr 2018 to 30 Apr 2018

The objective of the course is to impart knowledge to the participant on the causes, prevention, inspection and rectification of cracks in concrete. In particular, cracking in concrete is explained and the allowance of its formation in design is covered. Cracks formed arising from workmanship issues are also covered. Appropriate references will be made to the Singapore Standard SS EN 1992 series on Eurocode 2 Design of concrete structures that allow cracks to form and possible ways of preventing cracking is also covered. Emphasis on how to assess the severity of the crack through a methodological approach is covered. Finally, various methods of rectification of the crack lines are covered including the appropriateness of the method to the type and nature of the crack being considered.

Institution of Engineers, Singapore

17 May 2018 to 17 May 2018

To prepare site personnel to become aware of the importance of details during scaffold erection, use and dismantling, in relation to proper documentation of SWPs, incidents, etc. and direct and continuous monitoring of scaffolds and workers on them

Institution of Engineers, Singapore

18 May 2018 to 18 May 2018

Safety in construction sites is of paramount importance not only to protect oneself but also to ensure safety for fellow personnel on site. This programme is for stakeholders in construction projects (Resident Engineers, Resident Technical Officers, Site Supervisor etc) and it explains the concepts related to risk management & control which can be applied to activities on construction site. Participants can apply the risk management & control concepts to create a safer workplace for themselves and their fellow site personnel. They will have an appreciation of how safety management systems and audits can be set up and how it can improve safety on site. They can also systematically investigate accident related to site activities and file reports to allow subsequent review and improvement.

Institution of Engineers, Singapore

13 Jun 2018 to 13 Jun 2018

The course covers the basic principles to handling and treatment of reinforcement and starter bars on site to prevent future corrosion problems. It also shares the salient issues when considering alternative protection of reinforcement under extremely harsh environment. It is useful for the Resident Engineer (RE) and Resident Technical Officer (RTO) to have knowledge of proper handling and treatment of reinforcement on site and understand the possible issues when considering other ways to protect reinforcement against future corrosion.

Institution of Engineers, Singapore

19 Jun 2018 to 19 Jun 2018

This is a 2-part programme comprising (Part 1) Preliminary design of high-rise buildings and (Part 2) Introduction to seismic design. The programme aims to allow participants to understand the importance that Structural needs to be addressed at the preliminary design stage of the project and to know the effect of distant earthquakes on buildings in Singapore.

Institution of Engineers, Singapore

21 Jun 2018 to 21 Jun 2018

This is an intensive one-day course on the design of beams and slabs for use in buildings. Both pre-tensioning and post-tensioning are discussed.