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Building and Construction Authority

30 Sep 2022 to 30 Sep 2022

Seminar Brief:While structural safety of buildings in Singapore has been enhanced over the years, building failure during construction do occur from time to time. With land use being intensified, the structural system of buildings are becoming more complex, often involving multi-level of load transfer. The publication Buildings: What can go wrong is a compilation of past failures in projects within Singapore, some of which resulted in loss of life and property damage. A curated list of local cases from this book and some overseas cases will be shared during the seminar. As mistakes in design and construction are being repeated, it is imperative that we continuously learn from past events; and for these lessons to serve as a reminder to the industry as we strive for a safe Built Environment.

Building and Construction Authority

12 Oct 2022 to 21 Oct 2022

The webinar serves as a platform industry to gain better understanding & clarity on regulatory submission requirements for the combined BP/CD and ST/CS plans (effective 1 Jan 2023). This will help to streamline the submission process as well as reduce the efforts and touch points for both Architects and Engineers, leading to increased productivity and synergy.

Building and Construction Authority

21 Oct 2022 to 21 Oct 2022

The Seminar spotlights on emerging trends in jobs and skills, talent management and human capital strategies crucial for built environment firms to gear up for transformation, as well as exemplary case studies on best practices in human capital development.

Building and Construction Authority

2 Nov 2022 to 2 Nov 2022

As an urbanised city, our buildings play an important role in Singapore's sustainable development. The Seminar will showcase exemplary green building projects that had pushed the boundaries of environmental sustainability through thoughtful design, sustainable construction and operation.

Singapore Standard SS EN 1992-4:2021 and its corresponding National Annex (NA) have been published and will be adopted as the prescribed standard on the design of fastenings for use in concrete. It has been included in the list of acceptable design standards in the Approved Document by BCA. The objectives of this workshop are to raise awareness and understanding among the engineers of this new standard, share the insights on how the code evolved from European Technical Approval Guideline and Technical Reports, and highlight the importance of carrying out proof load test for post-installed anchors to verify the quality of installation.

Building and Construction Authority

16 Mar 2023 to 26 Apr 2023

*updatedAnnouncement: Deadline for nominations extended. We are pleased to inform you that the nomination for Design and Engineering Safety Awards 2023 (DESA 2023) is extended to 26 April 2023. Please refer below for more details on your nomination.The BCA Design and Engineering Safety Award was launched in May 2008 to give recognition to the Qualified Person for Structural Works [QP(ST)], QP(ST)s firm and the project team for ingenious design processes and solutions in overcoming project challenges to ensure safety in design, construction and maintenance of building and civil engineering projects locally.In this year award, we will recognise all projects which satisfy the assessment criteria as stated in the brochure with Terms and conditions.For more information, please refer to BCA website:https://www1.bca.gov.sg/buildsg/bca-awards/design-engineering-safety-award-desa

Building and Construction Authority

26 Apr 2023 to 5 Jun 2023

This technical seminar calls for awareness and innovative use of structural steel for more sustainable, economic, productive, and safer building. You will hear from leading industry speakers and researchers sharing on the latest trends of our steel construction in industry, challenges and innovative solutions in design and construction of long span and complex structures, and the benefits and success of using such solutions.

Building and Construction Authority

8 May 2023 to 8 Jun 2023

There are five Award categories:
(a) Residential Buildings
(b) Commercial / Mixed Development Buildings
(c) Industrial Buildings
(d) Institutional Buildings
(e) Civil/Infrastructure projects

Eligibility Criteria:
1. Projects must have obtained TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit) between 1st Jan 2022 and 31st Dec 2022. For phased TOP/Completion, the last TOP/Completion date must be within the qualifying TOP date.

2. Nominated projects must have undergone the full CONQUAS assessment and attained the following minimum CONQUAS score:

CategoryQualifying Score
Residential Buildings95
Commercial / Mixed Development Buildings94.5
Institutional Buildings93.2
Industrial Buildings90.8
Civil/Infrastructure projectsNA

3. Nominated projects must achieve a minimum of Green Mark Platinum rating.

CategoryMinimum Green Mark rating
Residential BuildingsPlatinum
Commercial / Mixed Development Buildings
Institutional Buildings
Industrial Buildings
Civil/Infrastructure ProjectsNA

4. Nominated projects with safety-related fatality will not be eligible.

5. Nominated projects previously judged will not be eligible.

6. Nomination requires endorsement by the Top/Senior Management from the Developer/Client, Builder/Main Contractor, Architect, Civil & Structural Consultant, Mechanical & Electrical Consultant, Environmental Sustainability Design (ESD) Consultant and other key specialist.

7. Nominated Civil/Infrastructure projects will have to be endorsed by Government Procurement Entity (GPE).

Job Redesigning Sharing Session - Holistic Look at Workforce Transformation for the Built Environment Sector

In collaboration with Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and Workforce Singapore (WSG), Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) warmly invites HR Managers, HR Business Partners, HR Directors and Business Owners to a half-day briefing on Job Redesign and to share on an upcoming project to aggregate demand and redesign multiple job roles relevant to construction firms.