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IDA has received feedback from the Telecommunication Facility Co-Ordination Committee ("TFCC") that there had been several cases of newly constructed and existing landed dwelling houses that did not comply with the Code of Practice for Info-communication Facilities in Buildings ("COPIF") by not providing the relevant space and facilities for telecommunication services. This inadvertently delay the occupants from obtaining telecommunication services when the occupants move into the development.Given the increasing number of such cases, and in order to avoid the problems highlighted above, IDA has partnered one of the TFCC members, Singtel, to conduct a session with all Qualified Professionals ("QP") to highlight the current processes, guidelines and requirements so that QPs could factor them accordingly when building or modifying the development.To assist in the preparation for the briefing session, please register your interest at g-opeaa@singtel.com by 13 May 2016.