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Building and Construction Authority

26 Feb 2019 to 19 Mar 2019

The aim of the Certification Course for Green Mark Facilities Manager is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to improve and implement sustainable measures and technologies in an existing building. Participants will learn how a buildings energy consumption and environmental impacts can be minimised during the building life time, and to conduct Green Mark Assessment for existing building.

Building and Construction Authority

28 Feb 2019 to 28 Feb 2019

The workshop serves to provide a platform for QPs and industry stakeholders to be updated on new regulatory requirements that are in the pipeline; seek clarification on requirements, and provide feedback to BCA to fine-tune regulatory requirements for the built environment.

Building and Construction Authority

4 Mar 2019 to 14 Mar 2019

This course will provide practicing engineers a good insight into the importance of geotechnical site investigation and its processes. Participants will also learn how to interpret soil investigation reports to ensure safety of the geotechnical works and the surrounding structures.

Building and Construction Authority

5 Mar 2019 to 5 Mar 2019

Water seepage through external walls, mostly occurred by ingress of rainwater, was found to be a common defect faced by homeowners. To enhance water-tightness performance of external walls, it is important to look at the use of suitable materials, adequate wall thickness, design of proper construction details and surface rendering and finishes.This course complements the Good Industry Practices Waterproofing for External Wall and highlight the good practices introduced in the guidebook.

Building and Construction Authority

6 Mar 2019 to 7 Mar 2019

The course will equip the participants with the knowledge of causes and mitigations of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues, conduct of an IAQ investigation and procedures to execute appropriate remediation measures. This course will cover IAQ management for non-residential buildings where air conditioning is commonly used. It will emphasis on the air quality control in air conditioning & mechanical ventilation system for tropical climate. The participants will also be introduced to the SS 554 standards in indoor air quality for air conditioned buildings.

Building and Construction Authority

11 Mar 2019 to 13 Mar 2019

This course intends to train veteran builders who would like to be registered as the Approved Persons as stipulated in the Building Control (Licensing of Builders) Regulations 2008. This course aims to provide essential knowledge training in the statutory requirements for construction safety and quality; environmental sustainability, workplace safety & health as well as in risk management.

Building and Construction Authority

11 Mar 2019 to 12 Mar 2019

INTRODUCTION: The Singapore Standard CP5:1998 Code of Practice for Electrical Installations applies to the design, selection, erection, testing and inspection of electrical installations. It covers all general commercial and industrial electrical installations operating at voltage up to 1000 Volts.OBJECTIVE: The 2-day course aims to provide participants with an understanding of the design and installation guidelines for electrical installations complying with CP5:Code of Practice for Electrical Installations.

Building and Construction Authority

12 Mar 2019 to 12 Mar 2019

Timber flooring is widely used in building works. Having good understanding and knowledge on the types of timber flooring, their components, the right ways to handle, install and maintain them would enable the stakeholders to improve the workmanship standards of such flooring.With the emergence of engineered wood flooring due to its superior quality, environmental friendliness and ease of handling, this course has been enhanced to cover topics on engineered wood flooring. With the revamped content, this course, which covers the salient points of two Good Industry Practices (GIP) guidebooks, namely, Timber Flooring and Engineered Wood Flooring, will further align the industry towards quality and productivity improvements.

Building and Construction Authority

13 Mar 2019 to 15 Mar 2019

With construction projects becoming more and more complex, the demand on the knowledge, skills and expertise of the project manager has increased correspondingly. This includes planning and controlling multiple key elements of project management, including time, cost, material, organisation, quality, delivery and safety. It is important that the project manager has the necessary knowledge and skill set to manage the building project professionally so as to complete and deliver the project to his clients on time and within budget.Construction managers, consultants, project managers, architects and engineers who are involved in project planning and management should attend this course.

Building and Construction Authority

13 Mar 2019 to 14 Mar 2019

Procurement is a process of acquiring a construction project. Selecting a suitable procurement strategy in consideration of the clients objectives is a key to the success of any construction project. Building upon the procurement strategy adopted, good negotiation skill is required to achieve a fair construction contract. This 2-day course aims to provide an understanding of the processes and methodologies in managing effective contract procurement and negotiation.