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Building and Construction Authority

9 Jan 2018 to 8 Jun 2018

This programme covers the latest trends and emerging game-changing technologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), Virtual Design & Construction (VDC), Pre-fabricated Bathroom Unit (PBU), Pre-fabricated and Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC), and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).It aims to hone the skills and enhance the knowledge of built environment professionals using more focused intensive learning methods so as to accelerate the development of a higher professional competency in construction productivity.Effective from 1 Jan 2016, all A1 to B1 contractors are required to have at least one full-time employed Registrable Professional/Professional/Technical personnel (RP/P/T) to have either completed or registered to attend this course in their next BCA Contractors Registration System (CRS) renewal;The effective date for L6 contractors for CR and ME workheads (except CR14, ME07 and ME13) will be their next CRS renewal after 1 Jan 2017.

Building and Construction Authority

16 Jan 2018 to 27 Feb 2018

This certification course provides an understanding of construction contracts. It examines the principles that are involved, the terms and conditions and the administration of contracts at various stages of a construction project.Case studies will be discussed during the sessions to broaden the participants knowledge of construction law.

Building and Construction Authority

18 Jan 2018 to 19 Jan 2018

Statutory legislations such as Workplace Safety and Health Act (WSHA) and its subsidiary legislations are prepared by legal professionals. The structure of the legislation as well as various terms used in the legislation are not usually easily and fully understood in terms of their intent, meaning and implications by industry practitioners who either do not have legal background or only possess minimum legal knowledge. It is important that construction/project managers, supervisors and WSH personnel are educated with the better understanding of legal terms, implications of the WSH legislations, responsibilities of stakeholders, liabilities and penalties for non-compliances with respect to managing construction projects.

bizSAFE is a five-level programme devised by the WSH Council (WSHC) to assist companies build up their WSH capabilities in order to achieve quantum improvements in safety and health standards at their workplaces. Companies are guided through a journey, starting from top management demonstrating their commitment towards WSH, to acquiring risk management capabilities and implementing a WSH Management System. In the process, participating Companies gain recognition and benefits of having a comprehensive WSH system in place. In the bizSAFE learning journey, this Level 4 course is meant for individuals who are appointed as WSH Management System Programme Lead and responsible for implementing WSH Management System in accordance with the requirements of Singapore Standard on Occupational Safety and Health Management System SS 506. This course has been accredited by the SSG.

Building and Construction Authority

25 Jan 2018 to 26 Jan 2018

The Building Information Modelling (BIM) is certainly changing the way project teams work and is taking the construction industry into a new era of quicker and more productive processes, higher cost certainty with a reduction of risks. With a mandatory phased BIM submission by 2015, the need for quantity surveyors to embrace and evolve with BIM is inevitable and crucial to improve cost performance with certainty on increasingly complex projects worldwide.

Building and Construction Authority

2 Feb 2018 to 2 Feb 2018

The seminar serves to provide a platform for QPs and industry stakeholders to: (a) be updated on new regulatory requirements that are in the pipeline; (b) gather insights into non-compliances of recent projects based on BCA Building Plan and Management Groups observation; and (c) seek clarification on requirements, and provide feedback to BCA to fine-tune regulatory requirements.

Building and Construction Authority

25 Feb 2018 to 26 Feb 2019

Good contract administration is required to manage design specification, contractual agreement, competitive tendering, evaluation, cost control, variations, final accounts, claims and even disputes, this will eventually helps to reduce construction costs.A building project, whether under design build contract or conventional contract type, has to undergo three specific stages namely, design, tender and construction. In all three stages, good contract administration is required to manage design specification, contractual agreement, competitive tendering, evaluation, cost control, variations, final accounts, claims and even disputes. Poor management in any of these aspects would lead to unnecessary claims and disputes and eventually higher construction costs.

Building and Construction Authority

26 Feb 2018 to 27 Feb 2018

It is a mandatory WSH training course for all workers working in the construction industry. Construction workers are required to attend and pass the course before they start work at the worksite. At the end of the course, the trainees should be able to recognize safety hazards at construction sites, explain preventive measures to be adopted, practice safety measures when working at heights, follow safety signs and observe safe work procedures. The course also aims to educate trainees on their rights and responsibilities as construction workers in Singapore.

Building and Construction Authority

26 Feb 2018 to 7 Mar 2018

Gas pipelines play an integral support role in the transmission of power. Similarly, electricity cables serve as an important link in supplying reliable transmission and quality power to consumers. Hence, adhering to good practices in cable and gas pipe damage prevention during earthwork, is critical to prevention of disruption to power supply, potential financial loss and delay in project delivery. The Registered Earthworks Supervisor course aims to provide an overview of the relevant earthworks legislation and code of practice relating to construction earthworks carried out in the vicinity of the electricity cables/ gas pipes. Participants will learn about the key requirements of the relevant legislation, control measures and good practices to prevent damage to the underground cables, gas pipes and services. Case studies will also be discussed.

Building and Construction Authority

17 Mar 2018 to 22 Mar 2018

This programme supports the development of leadership capability in Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD). The programme is hosted by the Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation at Imperial College London. Designed for C-Suite Executives, Senior Management and top decision makers of the sector, this programme is a combination of learning journeys, keynote lectures, and executive discussions with leading academicians, DfMA experts and practitioners from UK to understand how DfMA process from design, fabrication to assembly can be optimized; and apply digital strategy to DfMA projects.