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Building and Construction Authority

13 Apr 2016 to 13 Apr 2016

The course will increase the awareness of the safety issues and unpleasant experience and affinity to traditional hot water solutions, and will help the participants to better understand the different types of hot water systems and explaining the financial calculation require to justify the adoption of a sustainable system. The participants will learn to design energy efficient hot water distribution and heat recovery system.

MRT tender preparation and submission need to be carefully and effectively managed to avoid exposing organisation to severe financial penalties and turning a potentially profitable project into a loss-maker. In order to be profitable, a sound tender is vital and risk factors must be eliminated where possible. Thus, a specially tailored 1 day course is proposed to educate and equip construction industry stakeholders a good real insight into a contractors experience in tendering for MRT projects and other infrastructure projects.This course aims to enhance participants knowledge on the key considerations in deciding to proceed with a tender and in preparing for a favourable and thorough tender submission. Participants will also gain perspectives in identifying and evaluating the involved risks and competitive advantages to prepare quality proposals so as to enhance their opportunities in tendering for MRT projects and other infrastructure projects.

Building and Construction Authority

25 Apr 2016 to 25 Apr 2016

REDAS is organizing its 2nd Industry Sharing Session on 25 Apr 2016. The theme for this sharing session is: Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) A Game Changer for Effective Collaboration. Since VDC is a fairly new concept to most of the developers, the aim for this industry sharing session is to create the awareness of how VDC can benefit the developers and their value chain partners in establishing a workable and collaborative BIM framework that facilitates VDC, identify the risk and challenges associated with VDC.