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Given the nature of most building and construction work, in particular increasingly its specialisation and the use of technically demanding and complex procedures, personnel such as designers, project managers, contractors, subcontractors and supervisory staff are all likely at serious risk of falling short and face with claims. This course is organised to prepare stake-holders including building owners, developers, builders, specialist builders, architects, engineers, project managers and such supervisory personnel as Qualified Persons, Site Supervisors, Resident Engineers and Resident Technical Officers on the understanding of liabilities and duties in regulatory, design, construction and supervision aspects of building and civil engineering works by glimpsing at some of the well-known decided cases.

Association of Consulting Engineers, Singapore

19 Jul 2019 to 19 Jul 2019

Singapore is currently, at a transitional and transformational stage for the Digital Revolution into a Smart Nation.With this Smart Nation drive, Azbil identifies the industrys need for innovative ideas and solutions to ensure growth and competitiveness.And within this drive to always remain competitive and always strive for continuous improvement, we will share Azbils latest advanced Building Solutions & Technologies.The key conversation and knowledge that we expect would be acquired here is the ability, the realization of how to harness these advanced technologies and exploit them to the commercial benefit of building owners.This would in regards, enhance Operational Capabilities as well as any working aspects of best Business Practices. Increased manpower efficiency through autonomous optimisation via Artificial Intelligence or (AI) or Big Data Analytics & Predictive Maintenance via Machine-learning or (ML).

Association of Consulting Engineers, Singapore

25 Jul 2019 to 25 Jul 2019

INTRODUCTIONAs Consultants, we are facing daily challenges of regulatory changes, keeping in pace with technology advancement, continual effort to improve efficiency in our works and ensuring core competency is always maintained as well as continual progression in learning from engineering challenges faced in the industry. ACES as a representative of practitioners is always looking for ways to keep our members well informed of the industry practices, advancements and changes via these seminars to meet the challenges above. OBJECTIVESOur target audience are Professional Engineers & Practitioners (QPDs QPSs), Engineers, RE/RTOs and Builders in the industry. The focus of this seminar is to provide a platform for sharing of innovative experience in line with productivity; share challenges in underground / infrastructure projects; and updates of regulatory requirements. In order to achieve this objective for the better of the industry, there will be speakers from Government Agencies, Consultants and Contractors to share the insights and experiences with the audiences.