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Institution of Engineers, Singapore

26 Feb 2019 to 26 Feb 2019

Reinforced concrete is still commonly used for building and construction in Singapore and around the world. Sustainability considerations in recent years have resulted in an in creased focus on the repair and refurbishment of all types of concrete structures rather than demolition and redevelopment. Furthermore, defects are now more evident in building constructed during the boom years of economic growth when buildings are erected at a very fast pace. Resident Engineers (REs) and Resident Technical Officers (RTO) are the first line of defense to prevent concrete defects as they are directly involved in supervision of concreting works, they may be involved in development projects requiring addition and alteration of existing buildings in conjunction with new developments.This series of programme will provide the participant with the technical knowledge on the causes of structural and non-structural defects in concrete, their remedies, repairs and the preventive maintenance needed to upkeep these structures.

Institution of Engineers, Singapore

28 Feb 2019 to 1 Mar 2019

With the increasing awareness and effort of adoption of sustainableconstruction which will require less of natural resources and increasethe reusability of engineered material, the Industry has been exploring the use of engineered wood products such as Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam) and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) as readily available sustainable way of construction.The workshop will be focusing on the potential benefits andpossibilities of using engineered wood products for medium risebuildings. The goal of the workshop is to provide a general overviewand understanding toward embracing the development of thestructural design of Glulam and CLT buildings.During the workshop, several calculation case-studies will be shown inorder to help the participants to understand on the main concepts oftimber engineering.