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Association of Consulting Engineers, Singapore

1 Sep 2022 to 27 Oct 2022

COURSE OBJECTIVESTo provide training programs (on-line) for graduates and practicing engineers in the ACMV industry who need to either extend or update their knowledge on a particular subject(s) in accordance with current developments in the industry. The training programs are designed to cater for the needs of young graduates, practicing technicians and engineers to provide a better understanding of certain fundamentals as listed in this series of courses. COURSE CONTENTSThe contents for each of the following courses are detailed below:1.Introduction to ACMV Systems2.Chilled Beam Systems 3.Thermal Displacement Ventilation (and UFAD) Systems 4.VAV Systems 5.Challenges of ACMV System in times of Covid-19 6.Noise Attenuation in ACMV Systems and Weather Lourves7.Ventilation Dampers 8.Fire and Smoke Dampers9.VAV Terminal Units and Accessories

Association of Consulting Engineers, Singapore

13 Dec 2022 to 13 Dec 2022

TOPICThe NEC conditions of contract and how they can contribute to collaborative contracting in Singapore.SYNOPSISThe NEC is a family of contracts document for various types of procurement of projects and services. They are rightly being considered for use in Singapore. The course will focus on the NEC Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC). It will include:An overview and summary of NEC and why it is so different from traditional forms.A high-level comparison of NEC and FIDIC contracts.An overview of the parts of the contract and the process of putting an ECC tender document together.An introduction to the key elements of ECC contract management including:oearly warningoprogrammeocompensation events A discussion on what need to happen for NEC to work in Singapore.OBJECTIVESAt the end of the session participants should:Understand the principles of NECBe able to advise a client on contract strategy and the use of the various options in the ECCUnderstand the work involved in preparing an ECC tender documentUnderstand in principle what will be involved in ECC contract management.

Association of Consulting Engineers, Singapore

27 Jan 2023 to 10 Feb 2023

Course SynopsisThe course provides an overview of computational Building Information Modelling (BIM) and how it is applied in Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) drafting and modelling processes. Revit Dynamo will be used for automation and optimisation of the MEP modelling processes.Course ObjectiveThis course will equip participants with essential Computational BIM Dynamo skills in MEP BIM design and documentation processes. Participants will learn how to create Dynamo scripts to interact with Revit elements, parameters, excel spread sheets and to automate the documentation and the design processes. Course Topics1. Dynamo Basics2. Managing Lists & Data3. Interacting with Revit Parameters4. Interacting with Excel5. Documentation Example6. Python Scripts for Dynamo

Association of Consulting Engineers, Singapore

17 Feb 2023 to 17 Feb 2023

Topic 1: Hydronic balancing & control design for energy efficient centralized cooling systemSynopsisThis seminar provides a comprehensive knowledge of HVAC hydronic balancing & control design principles to achieve indoor thermal comfort while maintaining the energy efficiency of HVAC system. Participants will understand the differences between Pressure Independent Balancing & Control Valve (PIBCV) and Electronic Pressure Independent Control Valve (EPIV).Topic 2: Next Generation Variable Frequency Drives for Energy Efficient buildings of FutureSynopsisThis seminar provides a comprehensive knowledge of dedicated HVAC Variable Frequency Drives for improving the energy efficiency of HVAC system and maintain thermal comfort of occupants, to save energy, meet environmental regulations and reduce costs in modern buildings.The modern HVAC Drives are designed to bring optimized process control to all heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications.