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Building and Construction Authority

29 Mar 2016 to 29 Mar 2016

With the rising quality and tightening of manpower supply, the adoption of good construction methods and technologies for improved quality and productivity is of paramount importance for the built environment industry. Jointly organised by BCA and REDAS, this annual seminar aims to showcase construction materials, methods and technologies that lead to high quality and productivity. Good Industry Practices Guide on Engineered Wood Flooring and the PPVC Manufacturer Accreditation Scheme will also be launched during the Seminar.

Abstract : Structural performances depend on the states of constituent materials. All at once, the damage and soundness of materials are also affectedby how structures have been used in service. In principle, performance assessment of concrete infrastructures cannot be conducted withoutcoupling of microscopic behaviours of cementitious composites and macroscopic structural concrete.Since 1990, multi-scale and multi-chemo and mechanical modelling have been investigated in many fields of study and the scheme is beingapplied to engineering solution. First, the past and current development of multi-scale and multi-chemo physics modelling of structuralconcrete is summarised. The scope of multi-scale simulation is being extended to the volumetric change of concrete caused by drying,self-desiccation, steel corrosion, ASR and freezing-thawing actions. The applicability related to mechanistic actions are being expanded fromstatics to dynamics as well as high cycle fatigue loads of great importance for transportation facilities. The recent engineering application ofmulti-scale simulator to practical problems for infrastructure management is reported.The assimilation of inspection data and numerical simulation is highlighted. For life assessment, the initial conditions at casting and pastcuring states of structural concrete are hardly known in practice. Then, the current inspection data is used as the initial condition for futureprediction. Actual examples of remaining life of damaged bridge RC decks will be presented from case studies. In these examples, nondestructiveradar and acoustic technology as well as visual inspection are combined with numerical simulations. Admission is free and all are welcome. For catering purpose, please e-register through the registration link before 27 March 2016.For enquiries, please contact Ms Debbie Low. Tel: 6790-5285; Email: d-ptrc@ntu.edu.sg

Building and Construction Authority

13 Apr 2016 to 13 Apr 2016

The course will increase the awareness of the safety issues and unpleasant experience and affinity to traditional hot water solutions, and will help the participants to better understand the different types of hot water systems and explaining the financial calculation require to justify the adoption of a sustainable system. The participants will learn to design energy efficient hot water distribution and heat recovery system.

MRT tender preparation and submission need to be carefully and effectively managed to avoid exposing organisation to severe financial penalties and turning a potentially profitable project into a loss-maker. In order to be profitable, a sound tender is vital and risk factors must be eliminated where possible. Thus, a specially tailored 1 day course is proposed to educate and equip construction industry stakeholders a good real insight into a contractors experience in tendering for MRT projects and other infrastructure projects.This course aims to enhance participants knowledge on the key considerations in deciding to proceed with a tender and in preparing for a favourable and thorough tender submission. Participants will also gain perspectives in identifying and evaluating the involved risks and competitive advantages to prepare quality proposals so as to enhance their opportunities in tendering for MRT projects and other infrastructure projects.

Building and Construction Authority

25 Apr 2016 to 25 Apr 2016

REDAS is organizing its 2nd Industry Sharing Session on 25 Apr 2016. The theme for this sharing session is: Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) A Game Changer for Effective Collaboration. Since VDC is a fairly new concept to most of the developers, the aim for this industry sharing session is to create the awareness of how VDC can benefit the developers and their value chain partners in establishing a workable and collaborative BIM framework that facilitates VDC, identify the risk and challenges associated with VDC.

On behalf of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and the Singapore Management University (SMU), we invite you to join us to celebrate the graduation of the 6th cohort of the BCA-SMU-WDA Advanced Management Programme (AMP) on Productivity and Leadership Development.The BCA-SMU-WDA AMP on Productivity and Leadership Development is a flagship programme launched in 2008 tailored for the built environment industry, to develop the participants with broader strategic vision to address growing business complexities and increased competition. Ultimately, the knowledge will help achieve greater organisational excellence in the long run. To-date, more than 115 industry professionals have attended this programme, and many of them have since assumed higher leadership roles in their organisations. Besides celebrating the achievement of the graduands, there will also be a panel discussion with leading experts providing insights into the importance of embracing technologies and engaging people to improve organisational performance. Attendance is complimentary. Please click on the link in the title above to RSVP. We look forward to seeing you.

Building and Construction Authority

9 May 2016 to 13 May 2016

A collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) since 2009, the CMU-BCA Executive DevelopmentProgram aims to accelerate the development of executives in leadership roles that will shape Singapores built environment towards higher level of environmental sustainability.It offers a global overview of the sustainability movement, advocating a holistic approach to address resource management, promoting increasing use of renewable energy sources while minimizing energy consumption and maximizing health and comfort through innovative design and application of advanced building technologies.

Singapore Green Building Council

12 May 2016 to 12 May 2016

The Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) is pleased to present our signature SGBC Green Trends Seminar 2016.Launched in 2012, SGBC Green Trends Seminar examines the potential of promising technologies and changes in industry practices, with the aim of keeping the industry on the pulse of the times.The Seminar will provide insights into how new developments will impact industry structures, business opportunities and the development of green buildings in Singapore.Come join us for an afternoon of stimulating knowledge-sharing and networking.CPD Points - BOA-SIA 3 points, PEB-Pending / SCEM 4 points.

Building and Construction Authority

9 Jun 2016 to 10 Jun 2016

This course addresses a wide range of topics in electrical systems found in buildings and ways to operate them in an efficient manner to reduce energy consumption. The participants will learn about efficient power distribution arrangements, addressing the power quality issues, building load management techniques, uninterruptible power system and renewable energy generation system.

Building and Construction Authority

8 Jul 2016 to 8 Jul 2016

The building industry witnesses significant changes in Building Codes in recent years. Major reviews were conducted and consequential amendments were made in the Approved Document and Code on Accessibility in the Built Environment. Practitioners have to understand these changes and ensure that the development fulfill the requirements. It is therefore important for the stakeholders of the building industry to aware on the new and upcoming changes to the regulations.