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Four paint standards (SS 150 - Specification for emulsion paints for decorative paints, SS 345 - Specification for algae resistant emulsion paint for decorative purposes, SS 500 - Specification for elastomeric wall coatings and SS 579 - Specification for water-based sealer for interior and exterior uses) were revised and the new 2015 edition will be launched on 20 Jul 2016. This launch event, organised by the Technical Committee for Surface Coatings, provides the highlights of the changes to four water-based paint standards and its role in in our built environment. The revision resulted in the inclusion of sustainability requirements such as VOC limits, heavy metals, solvents and specific hazardous substances requirements. Invited speakers from the paint industry and associations will also share their sustainability initiatives for paints.

SPRING Singapore

12 Apr 2017 to 25 Apr 2017

The seminar will provide updates on the Singapore Standards: SS 626 (a revision of CP 15) and SS 550 Amendment 2.SS 626 covers the safety requirements for escalators and moving walks tosafeguard people and objects against risks of accidents during installation, operation, maintenance and inspection work. It aligns with the current European Standard EN 115:2008 & A1:2010.SS 550 Amendment 2 aligns the operations for emergencies, evacuations and fire lifts to provide consistency and harmonise with the Fire Code.